Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Foods as of Late

So, on my low-carb, dairy free, sugar free diet this is what I have been eating:

Egg scrambles for breakfast (diced veggies or spinach, 2 eggs, salsa on top)
Fruit & Salads for lunch (seared tuna & cucumber over mixed greens, rainbow salad, chicken & craisens & almonds, etc)
Dinners: a modified version of what the rest of the fam is eating. Yesterday was stir-fry w/ no rice. Today is Stuffed Peppers w/ no Rice. Tomorrow is Lentil Curry w/ no Quinoa. You get the picture. :-)
I also enjoy Kombucha a lot while on this diet. And big glasses of water. And I have been finishing up the pitcher of peach sangria in the fridge, but mixing it 1/2 and 1/2 w/ sparkling water.

The only sugar I am eating now is that naturally occuring in food & stevia. No honey, no agave, no xylitol, no erythritol (or however you spell that). Not that it matters much, cause w/ no baking (no grains, remember) there isn't really anything to sweeten.

I don't MIND this diet that much. After my body re-adjusts. But right now, I feel HUNGRY all the time. Not hungry-ravenous, just hungry like I haven't eaten in a while. Which isn't true. I have to conciously tell myself to stop eating, because I never feel full.

I did this diet before we went dairy-free and the dairy was the hardest part for me. I miss sour cream on my eggs. And taco salads. And pretty much everything. I love sour cream :-). I can't stand black coffee, so I'm off of that at this point. I might try it w/ coconut milk later on. But, now that we are dairy-free this transition hasn't been as bad. Wow, a positive in the midst of Allergy-land.

Yes, this post is haphazard. Mostly me thinking out loud. Enjoy the random wanderings of my brain...

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