Thursday, July 2, 2009

Buckwheat & Coconut Waffles

So we tried the waffles yesterday for breakfast and were very impressed! They were a bit on the heavy side (I might try adding a bit more baking powder next time) but for a soaked grain, GF, dairy free, egg free recipe it was amazing how 'normal' they tasted. The texture was very similar to my mom&dad's favorite "SturdyWheat" pancakes. They only made about 4 full-sized waffles in our waffle iron, so next time we will probably double it, or make eggs & sausage on the side.

here is the link again :

Give them a try!

BTW- I started experimenting w/ a millet/buckwheat/sorghum pancake recipe today. It'll take a couple more rounds to perfect it, but it is promising....

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  1. Hmmm. Sounds good. Love the names for your family! I will have to copy some of these recipes down do I can make then for "belly button" when she come to my house. Your doing a great job mom! Way to take care of those kids!
    God knew you are the right women for the job.