Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A fun night and fun food!

Tonight we went to a friend's house for a dinner party w/ the kiddos. 6 kiddos to be exact. :-)

We brought:
http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/2006/10/sweet-potato-black-bean-enchiladas.html which were fabulous, of course, and she made a ramen noodle salad and strawberries to go with. So yummy!

Last night I made GF, DF, etc Chex muddy buddys using the GF Chex, everything-free chocolate chips, almond butter, and olive oil. Of course, being healthy and all, I added a cup of coconut flakes to the mix. :-) Turned out really well.

And, I made some chocolate covered frozen bananas - my all time favorite healthy indulgence. I used Green & Blacks 85% dark, coconut milk, and stevia to make the chocolate coating. It got really funny, separated horribly, was thrown into the magic blender, and still looked horrible. But after it froze, couldn't tell at all. Oh, and I threw in about 2 heaping Tbs of hemp seeds for an added bonus. Here is how I made them

Heat the chocolate in a double boiler and add any add-ins to make your coating.
meanwhile, cut the bananas in half, peel, and insert the popsicle stix.
put the bananas on a cookie sheet in the freezer to freeze solid.
dip or spoon chocolate over the frozen bananas to completely coat. Roll in nuts or coconut if you'd like.
Put on a cookie sheet w/ parchment and freeze solid again.
Transfer to a Ziplock in the freezer. Snack on to stave off your sweet cravings. :-)

Lets see, any other fun foods lately? Not really, just sticking to some basics to get us thru re-adjusting to my work schedule. Lots of casseroles, pastas, taco potatoes, etc. Daddy has been fabulous about getting the girls up and fed in the morning so I can work early (go figure, they make bread early!). He even does the dishes before he drops the girls off and heads to work! What a man!

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